"The greatest urban planner humanity has given." 

United Nations

  • Three times Mayor of Curitiba (1971 - 1975), (1979-1983), (1989- 1992).

  • Two times Governor of Paraná State (1995-1998), (1999 -2002)

  • In 1990, the United Nations awarded him the Maximum Environmental Award

  • Unicef honored him in 1996 for his programs "Da Rua para a Escola" (From Street to School), "Protegendo a Vida" (Protecting Life), and "Universidade do Professor" (Teacher's University)

  • President of the International Union of Architects (2002-2005)

Master Plan


"A city without conventional cars"

100% Trash Recycling
All garbage will be 100% recycled in Amaitlan Garden City
Electric Cars Transformation
Transportation in Amaitlan will be by electric cars, wagons, horses, bicycles and by waterway
Solar and Alternative Energies
There will be a mixed energy use: solar, by gas, burning and conventional
100% Wastewater Recycling
All wastewater will be 100% recycled in Amaitlan Garden City
Suction Drainage
Suction drainage will be with high vacuum pumps
Elevated Floor Constructions
Buildings will be raised from the ground to avoid its damage, and allow the absorption of rainwater, prevent flooding and enable air circulation for better ventilations of buildings.
Night Freight Transport
The transportation of consumable goods will be at night.
70% of the city is green area
70% of the island space is conserved as a green area; other cities have only 2% of green area.
Construction at the Palm Tree high
95% of the buildings will not exceed the height of the palms green mass (18 mts.)
Underground Wiring System
The city will have an invisible infraestructure whose wiring system will be underground.
Public Lighting in the Palm Trees
The street lighting is located in the trunks and the top of the palm trees. They will be operated with solar energy and biomass.
Compost generation by organic waste for natural fertilization of the plants of the garden.
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