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Amaitlan Garden City

Amaitlan will be the first sustainable city  in the world.

The architect Jaime Lerner, who is recognized by the UN as "the greatest urbanist that humanity has ever seen", is the designer of Amaitlan's master plan and through its concept, is taking care of 3 important aspects: the environment, society and quality of life. The sustainable features offered by Amaitlán make it unique in its kind, serving as a model in the world.


Amaitlán, a Nahuatl word meaning "The land to rest", is an ecological project located beside Mazatlán (Sinaloa, Mexico), in the area known as Stone Island.

It contemplates 2 thousand hectares surrounded by 18 km of  uninterrumped beautiful front beach and 14 km of inner lagoon.

First Stage

In Isla de la Piedra village, on one side of the village, there is located the  area of the first stage . This surface consists of  108 hectares with a huge line of coconut palms and also 19 extra hectares of natural reserve on the hilltop located in the town center, providing  a total of 127 hectares to start off the megaproject.

This first section has been planned as a new town of 19 blocks ; A two ha. botanical garden living area  ; Two hotel lots; A 37 lots residential beach area ; A central park residential area with 70 lots; A lagoon residential area with 33 lots and 4 blocks of condominiums are planned.

In addition to this, and to improve the life quality of their inhabitants, it is also considered a first level hospital area as well as a first quality educational area too.

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